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We offer outdoor lighting repairs for all lighting systems, even those we didn't install. Our lighting professionals troubleshoot and repair all lighting system problems.​

Our repair services include but are not limited to: 

  • Replacing low-voltage wiring

  • Replacing broken and old light fixtures

  • Replacing old transformers

  • Replacing timers​

All of your landscape lighting repairs will be taken care of by our team of professional lighting experts.


At Landscape Lighting Solutions, we offer comprehensive worry-free maintenance for all of Southern California. 

This keeps your outdoor lighting system performing like the day it was installed.  Our professional and expert experience means that our team is familiar with all lighting systems. Services include:

  • Replace burned out light bulbs

  • Inspect all fixtures and glass lenses, and make sure they are clean

  • Trim any surrounding foliage plant life to ensure a focused light beam

  • Straighten and re-bury light fixtures and wiring as needing

  • Inspect transformer(s)

  • Program/Reset timers and controls


Landscape Lighting Solutions offers the very best in upgrades. Upgrading your outdoor lighting system does not necessarily mean you have to replace every single existing lighting fixture. Instead, we can work with your lighting system and simply build upon it. This can range from replacing all bulbs to LED and adding new light fixtures. We can also take out light fixtures that are no longer used. 

Our team of professional lighting experts will make sure that your needs are met and every single detail is attended.

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Outdoor Lighting Solutions is 100% committed to providing our customers with beautiful and affordable outdoor lighting.

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Maintenance & Service

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